The Great Game of Business®

  • Teaching your managers and employees to think and act like owners

    Teaching your managers and employees to think and act like owners

    The management paradigm that has dominated corporate thinking for more than one hundred years has been turned upside down by leading-edge companies around the world.

    Thousands of organizations have dramatically improved their financial performance and the lives of employees who drive that performance.

    The secret: a culture of ownership that allows them to tap into the most under-utilized resource in
    business today: the enthusiasm, intelligence, and creativity of working people.
    It’s called The Great Game of Business®.

    The Great Game of Business® (GGOB) is not a gimmick, a philosophy or an attitude, it is a tested, successful and proven Open Book Management system that brings all employees to work and win as a team. No matter what size your company is, The Great Game will work for you. From small, privately held companies to multi-national corporations, the success of open-book management practitioners have proven that The Great Game works.

  • The benefits to your business

    The benefits to your business

    • Motivate and build a great Team
    • Increase individual and team Efficiency
    • Achieve high Profitability
    • Inspire Innovations
    • Increase staff Accountability for their roles and performance
    • Create a coaching environment by “turning Managers into coaches
  • You and your team learn
  • • How to think and act like owners
    • How to promote continuous learning at every level of the organization
    • How to fire up employees’ competitive juices
    • How to broaden the concept of leadership
    • How to delegate responsibility for the business
    • How to drive innovation and build value in the business
    • How to improve financial results for the company and themselves

    People have applied the principles of The Great Game to an awesome array of businesses from oil companies to hair salons, from Internet start-ups to roller coaster manufacturers, from fast-food chains to law firms, landscapers, mining operations, even not-for-profit social service organizations.

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