Delivering Success Through Growth and Profitability

  • “....It is over 12 months since you introduced us to The Great Game of Business – during that time the improvement in all my managers is spectacular. The way you took these individuals and molded them into a perfectly functioning management team is outstanding. The smooth running of my business now is a credit to your patience and teaching ability....” B Noble, Chairman, GM Scott Pty Ltd, Australia.

    The people I work with are business owners or CEO’s who recognize that they need help to turn their business around or take it to another level, but don’t know how to.

    The Great Game of Business™ is about the future. The past is over and we learn from it, but we are focused on creating the future. Your accountant can show you the numbers but I will help you create a better future.

    Using The Great Game of Business™ I use three steps

    1 . Business Analysis to diagnosis the business, appraise its current status and identify the ‘health’ of your      enterprise.

    2 . Design a program tailored to your company’s needs and customized for you and your team

    3 . Implementation, where the program is introduced and progress measured against the agreed plan.

    Expected Benefits

    I teach managers and staff what makes the business tick and they become de-facto business owners like you. They start to think about the business rather than just coming to work.

    Based on my experience you will significantly improve your business performance. Having a coach will guide you and your team. Managers become coaches, employees become business owners and a sense of shared purpose is introduced.

    “....The program has been a great success. It helped our organisation gain a competitive edge in providing our senior managers with the knowledge and edge that they need to succeed…” A.Chua, CEO, Nylex Malaysia

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