Winning Stories

    >  A family owned jewellery wholesale company was close to bankruptcy. With Kogus’ assistance they     halted the decline, recognized the issues, grew 6 times in revenue (and profit) and today are leaders in     their field.

    >  A large manufacturing company in South East Asia was struggling to stay in business due to the fierce     competition from mainland Chinese companies. Kogus initiated extensive leadership training programs     for all top and mid tier managers. The company today is highly successful and profitable.

    >  An Australian Olympic team lacked cohesion, mental toughness, team confidence and professional     conduct leading into the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

        A year after engaging Kogus they competed at the Olympics with great success. All their matches were     sold-out and the competition in their field was considered one of the most exciting at the Games.

    >  An Australian Abattoir was on the verge of collapse. Under Kogus the Great Game of Business was     implemented and a year later the Abattoir received an International Export License, doubled its production     and grew its profitability 5 times.

    >  A service company in Sydney was stuck in micromanagement and stagnation. Teamwork deteriorated     and morale was low. With the Great Game of Business Kogus helped the company regain its strategic     differentiation, efficiency and focus. Within a year the company rejuvenated with growth and higher     profitability.

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